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When your unfaithful spouse answers this question, let them know you need time to decide if their reason is enough for you. Just because they are honest, does not mean their justification will be accepted by you too. Photo by Free-Photos under pixabay license. You may also like 50 breakup quotes to help cure broken hearts. This tells you whether or not they have regrets and are now aware, albeit late, of your feelings. Out of all the top 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, this tells you whether or not they genuinely had a weak moment.

When they respond, assuming they felt guilty, let them know whether or not you feel you can move forward and give them another chance. Photo by Zun Zun under Pexels License. When it comes to top 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, this is an important one. If your spouse has any contact with this person going forward, it may be impossible to move on from, or resist repeating, the infidelity.

Photo by Rene Asmussen under Pexels License. Out of all the top 10 questions to ask your unfaithful spouse, this one might be the most painful to ask. You should ask this to find out if something is missing in your relationship. PHoto by bruce mars under pexels license.

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This needs to be asked because this will show you whether or not they truly felt guilty. Ask them if they know how much they have hurt you and how you feel in all of this. If they have considered your feelings at all during their extracurricular activities. They need to be tending to your feelings and respecting and understanding how their actions have made you feel. Did they talk about a future with the other person or was this just purely a physical affair.

If it was also an emotional affair and they were making plans of leaving you to be with this other person and starting a life together then you cannot trust them. As hurtful as this is to hear, they may be feeling regretful for saying those things now but this is an indication of an underlying issue. Was this other person that important to them that they would end their marriage and walk away after years of being together? How much of a temptress is this other person to your spouse? Or if they will never see them again and vow to work on your relationship and go to marriage counseling.

Was this other person just a booty call? Or was it an emotional affair? Are they in love with them? These are hard questions to ask, but you need to know the answer to this question to know where your spouse is at in your relationship. Were they sharing intimate details about your marriage with them? Were they discussing marital problems you were having?

Did they know about you and still continue with the relationship knowing they were destroying a marriage? What does this say about this other person if they were willing to engage in a relationship with a married person. Ask them how did you sleep with yourself at night, in the bed next to me? It makes me hesitant because he also cheated on his ex-girlfriend with the same woman. He says his ex is more beautiful than I am. Am so scared of marrying him officially…. I think that deep down you know this too. Follow your inner voice.

But I have been in an abusive relationship and I can tell you all those things that he is doing to you is called abuse. Trust me. I wish you the best of luck, everything happens for a reason.

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He left me and my children to be with her. He used the excuse as to me pushing him away. He destroyed me and took all the trust and love i had for him. It only lasted him 2 weeks and he was regreting everything he did. I gave him a second chance. But the what ifs and what did I do wrong pop up in my head. I face my self with alot of anger and resentment.

Did he do this and that with her, my sex life will never be the same cause I picture him with her. He flirted with her, he told her nice things, he made me to be the bad guy in the marriage.

Cheating Spouse Quiz

When all I did was everything for him. The worst part of all this is we have children and it affected them. What should I do. I understand all your concerns. But, what if you could manage to expect the best instead of the worse?

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How would you feel if you could stay hopeful, trusting and expece the best? Wouls it make you feel better? Blaming others for our mistakes is the most common mistake everyone does. Decide: are you a victim or are you a powerful woman that knows her worth and knows what she wants? If nothing else, we can always choose how we feel. What do you choose? So just over a week ago I found out my partner had cheated.

We went to a wedding I drove, he got very drunk. When I put him to bed his phone bleeped. Yes me his partner of 11 years.! Asking who I am!. I was lik wtf! Obviously messaged her back to find out when he went on a stag do he slept with her…he then blocked her number on his return and a week later unblocked it. Anyway since being back his met up with her 4times! Slept with her a father 2 times in hotels his paid for!. He works away Monday to Friday but has his own flat where he works.

I thought to myself why would he turn a one night stand which he properly could of got away with into a full blown 2 month affair. Anyway his sorry…. Blah blah blah!. But how the hell do I get these images out of my head?? Or the thought his going to do it again!.

You Have A Right To Ask Questions To Your Cheating Spouse

She told me about it and I put a voice recorder in his truck and recorded a whole conversation with the other woman. I was crushed.

go to site They talked about naked pictures, sexting, and their time spent together. I confronted my husband and he admitted to the sexting and pictures but would not admit to sex. When I look back on the events that happened around that time he literally was leading a double life. He was talking to her for a few months and then for about 3 weeks the sexting and naked pictures and sex went on.

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I have 4 kids and wanted to make it work for them. I have held on for 1 year now and it feels like yesterday that it happened. I saw the other woman in Wal Mart last week and talked to her.